Princess Art Party with Belle

What little girl doesn’t dream of meeting her favorite princess?  Well, at The MAC Music and Art Center, we knew we wanted to help little girls’ dreams come true. We held our first Princess Art Party this spring!

Princess Party at The MAC Meridian

The evening started off with creating a painting.  Keeping in line with the Beauty and the Beast theme, the girls painted a mirror and chose either pink or blue.  Who knew that blue would be a more popular color?!

Princess painting party Princess Painting party Princess Painting party

While the base coat of the paintings dried, the girls played “Pin the Kiss on the Frog” or is it “Pin the Kiss on the Prince?”  Hmmmm… hard to tell sometimes.

Princess party games

Back to the paintings to create the mirror. A little tricky, but with a some help, we all got it done.

Princess Party at The MAC Meridian

While we were waiting for the mirrors to dry, we needed a little pick-me-up, so the cupcake decorating table came in handy.

Princess party at The MAC Meridian Princess party at The MAC Princess party at The MAC princess party at The MAC Meridian Princess party at The MAC Meridian

Belle was so beautiful! She read us a story, sang songs, took pictures, and admired our art work.  The princesses in waiting were mesmerized by her and loved every minute.

IMG_4956 IMG_4954 IMG_4943 IMG_4938 IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_4961 IMG_4963 IMG_4937 IMG_4932 IMG_4927


Thank you Belle for making our Princess Party so memorable! Take good care of Beast and we hope to see you again soon!

Princess Party at The MAC Meridian

The Mac Music and Art Center

The Birth of The MAC

The MAC Meridian family

Micah and Tina have known each other ever since they met as 14 year-old high school freshman. They have always had a love of the arts and cultural activities.  One of their favorite dates has always been to go on an art walk to local galleries, then hit a food truck or small locally owned restaurant for a bite to eat.

When Micah and Tina began having children in 1992, they knew they wanted their children to have a strong art and music background-with an artist father and a musician mother that’s a pretty obvious path!  Raising their children in Mesa Arizona for the first few years, they found many options for music and art for their children’s education, and watched their four children grow and develop their own talents.

boy playing cello

When they made the move to Meridian Idaho in 2005, they saw those opportunities shrink exponentially as they searched diligently for quality and affordable art programs.  They wanted something more than a so-called “instructor” in a room with art supplies on a table and the children left to their own devices.  They also looked for something that was affordable and fun, yet still educational and skill-building.  After several years of searching, they gave up and nurtured their children’s artistic pursuits at home.

Meanwhile, Tina had found a great music program called “Let’s Play Music” and began to teach classes for young children out of their home.  Within 3 years, those music classes were maxed to capacity and it stayed that way for years.Let's Play Music at The MAC MeridianLet's Play Music at The MAC Meridian

As Tina explored the possibility of expansion of Let’s Play Music and the mommy and me music classes called Sound Beginnings into a new venue, adding art classes was an exciting addition.

student art painting

The MAC Grand Opening August 2015

Micah and Tina searched for months for the perfect space for the music classes and the new art classes. Two of their top requirements were that the location had to be in NW Meridian and it had to be family friendly. Finally they found the perfect spot! Located near 2 elementary schools, a daycare facility, and a pediatric dentist, The MAC is nestled right in the heart of where many young Meridian Idaho families live.

student art painting

The MAC Grand Opening August 2015

The MAC is truly a family-run and family-oriented facility.  You will see Tina teaching many of the music classes, Taylor (daughter) teaching many of the art classes, and you will see Sam (son) manning the front desk. The MAC has added a few new teachers in the last 18 months who feel like family!

Let’s Play Music and Sound Beginnings are growing by leaps and bounds at The MAC!  Art classes are gaining in popularity and enrollment!  If you haven’t been to The MAC yet, what are you waiting for?

Meet Micah


Micah Gosney artist in the studio

Micah’s art career began when he was a toddler and learned how to hold a crayon.  He would stay up late and draw while the rest of the family went to bed-he always was and still is a night owl!  His creations at that young age consisted mainly of trains and cars-things that had wheels and could go fast.  Not much has changed.  He still loves to draw and paint cars and things with fast engines.

Micah Gosney artist

Fast forward to young Micah in the 6th grade.  Math was not his love, so he compensated by doodling in the margins of his homework-why not?  His teacher did not appreciate that, and wrote him a note stating that art will never get him anywhere and he should focus more on his math assignments.  That did not deter Micah as he continued his middle and high school careers-he took as many art classes as were available to him and started his own t-shirt line in high school that had a large local following.  In high school he registered his trademark character, Goose Brothers, and made that pretty famous in certain circles.

After Micah and Tina married, they decided Micah should pursue his art career and go to art school.  He had just been accepted to Art Center in Los Angeles, and Rhode Island School of Design when he was offered a job at Twentieth Century Fox Animation Studio.  Since this was the type of job he would be looking for after art school graduation, they decided to take the job.  At Fox, Micah met many people who greatly influenced his artistic skills and style-Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Len Simon, and most of all Richard Heichberger, who became a life-long friend of Micah’s.


After Fox Animation made its decision to begin doing digital animation instead of traditional, Micah continued his artistic pursuits in video game design, graphic design, and fine art.

His most recent endeavors are a new automotive art and design company he founded named Super Six 8 Studio.  Super Six 8 is devoted to everything automotive, especially hot rods, which are Micah’s first love.

Micah is the Art Director at The MAC Music and Art Center.

The MAC Meridian Featured on Idaho Living

The people at KBOI and Idaho Living are just great!  NO….they are better than great-they are spectacular!  Micah from The MAC Meridian loved every minute of filming with Ammie Truman and the camera crew and we were honored to be asked to demonstrate an easy Valentine’s Day painting.

Idaho Living

Micah and Ammie Truman on the set of Idaho Living, January 2016

Micah makes painting look so easy! Some painting is easy-like our Adult Paint Nights-pretty much anyone who is breathing and can hold a paint brush can complete an easy acrylic painting. One thing that’s great about these paint nights is that no 2 paintings turn out looking the same! Everyone has basically the same design, but puts their own spin or special touches on their painting.

Idaho Living

Micah Gosney and Ammie Truman on the set of Idaho Living, January 2016

Another great thing about Paint Night? It’s fun-and relaxing-and you can hang out with your friends doing something different than going to dinner and a movie.  And….you will have something to take home at the end of the night to remember the fun time you had.

Yet another great thing about Paint Night this February?  We are having a special for Valentine’s Day at a very special price-only $30 per painting! Not $30 per person! You can create a painting with a friend, or spouse, or whoever, and the price is just $30/painting! Did I forget to mention the dessert and chocolate bar?  This February 13, 6-9 pm, come to The MAC Meridian, snack on some sweet treats, and paint your heart out!

group of people holding paintings

We have had people coming back again and again because they had such a great time. What are you waiting for???

We love you Idaho Living!


Paint Night at The MAC Meridian

Looking for a different kind of date night?

man and woman with paintings


Tired of the same ol’ dinner and a movie for a night out?
man and woman with paintings


Then look no further… Paint Night at The MAC Meridian is here!

painting class



Bring yourself, your friends, your significant other… and leave the kids at home

painting class


and our instructors will guide you through creating your own special masterpiece you take home at the end of the evening.

Most common comment from people while they are waiting for Paint Night to begin?  “I have no artistic ability at all-I don’t know how this is going to go tonight.”

Most common comment from people when they are leaving after Paint Night is over? “This was so fun, I want to come back and do this again.” (said as they are picking out the paintings they will do the next time they are at The MAC, and the next, and the next…)

painting of a VW buspainting class



You don’t have to bring any supplies, we provide everything. Just come and have fun. Fun is not optional. Fun is required!

We provide soda and bottled water, but we don’t serve alcohol, so your teenagers 16+ are welcome to join you at Paint Night.

group of people holding paintings



They came, they painted, they laughed, and they loved it!

Thanks to our Paint Night friends!

One Stone 24-hour Think Challenge

My son is a junior in high school.


Sam_One stone 24 hr think challengeHe sometimes wants to sit around and do nothing, and sometimes wants to change the world.  Last weekend he was feeling the latter and decided to volunteer his long weekend off of school to spend 33 hours at Century Link Arena in Boise with the One Stone organization.

One Stone is a student-led and directed nonprofit that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. They empower high school students to learn and practice 21st century skills through experiential service, innovative initiatives and social entrepreneurship. One Stone sponsored a “24-Hour Think Challenge” for Idaho’s high school juniors October 1-2, 2015. The challenge was to find a way to improve education in Idaho.

The 150 students listened to invited guest speakers and were divided into groups, then were given 24 hours to brainstorm and come up with a plan, complete with a Powerpoint presentation, storyboard, and 5-minute TED-talk like speech.  A countdown clock was all the time reference they had as they spent the night at Century Link Arena and had no contact with the outside world. Many of the students had little or no sleep for the entire length of the challenge.

As I listened to the presentations, I was impressed with the depth of concern and thought the students had given their task.  A common theme was that students want more self-direction in their education and they want more training in real-life skills that will prepare them for the job market after graduation.

My son’s friend was also one of the students to participate in the think challenge.  He was also the presenter for his group and is a talented budding artist and all around great person.  He is a high-achieving student who will have his choice of careers after graduation. What he really wants to be is an artist.  All his teachers are discouraging him from his true desire, and none of them are taking his hopes and dreams and encouraging him to follow them.  Listen to his story….


Why do parents and teachers discourage their children from following their creative passions?  There are people who make a living at doing what they love and they bring joy and happiness to their lives and to those around them while doing it.  There are creative careers that can earn a living-why do we not tell our children this?  Have we as adults become so jaded and dollar driven that we don’t let our children pursue a career that would fulfill them and make them excited to go to work each day?

Success is not only measured in dollars and possessions, aka toys.  Success should be measured by quality of life and the ability to influence others for good. What do you tell your children in this ultra-competitive world we live in–that they must choose a career that makes a lot of money because that is the only way to be happy? Yes, not having money is a sure way to be unhappy, but having money does not guarantee happiness.  There are art and music careers that will allow a creative individual to be happy, fulfilled, and self-sustaining.

At The MAC Music and Art Center we are striving to bring quality art and music education to Idaho’s families, subjects that are increasingly being cut from our schools’ curriculums.

Our vision statement:

We believe every child is musical and every individual has a creative power.  We provide an opportunity for that creativity to develop and flourish.  The joy is found in the journey, not in the destination.  We seek to make that journey as enjoyable and meaningful as possible.


Let’s encourage our youth to participate in the arts, even if it is only a hobby.

Art and music give life to our spirits, joy to our hearts, and meaning to our existence.