Art Package FAQs

What is an Art Package?

An Art Package is similar to a punch card. You purchase a certain number of classes and are welcome to attend on the day/time we teach art to this age group.

How do I know how many classes I have used in my package?

A sign in sheet is created at the studio each time you purchase a package. You will sign your child in on his/her sheet each time they attend. You will be able to see the classes you have used and the remaining classes available. If you forget how many classes you have, give us a call and we will review your sign in sheet with you.

What day and time do you teach art for the 4-6 year olds?

We teach art almost every Wednesday 2:00-3:00 and Thursday 2:15-3:15, September through May. Please check the dates on the class listings on the art page. If the date is not listed, we will not have class that day. Art package classes are not available to use in the summer.

Does my child have to attend all the classes in a given month?

No! You are welcome to attend one class or attend them all. You use the classes when you want to. Each week we will teach a different lesson and work on a different project.

Do I need to make a reservation or can I just show up?

We only allow 8 students in the class at a time and you are not guaranteed a spot unless you make a reservation.

How do I make a reservation?

View the class listing and click on the “add to cart” button, which will allow you to reserve a spot on the dates you want your child to attend.

What if I made a reservation but need to cancel it?

If you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance, your account will not be charged. Less than a 24 hour notification will result in your account charged and you will lose a class. To cancel a reservation, please call 208-805-0139 or email

Can my child bring a friend to class? 

Yes, but that friend will need to have a reservation. You are welcome to share one of your purchased classes with the friend and make a reservation for both your child and the friend, or the friend’s parents can purchase an art package and make the reservation.

Let’s Play Music Third Year Graduation Recital

The third year of Let’s Play Music is very fun and very full—jam packed with learning to play scales and chords in different keys, learning to improvise and transpose, learning to count music properly in different time signatures, and the coup de gras—composing an original piece to play at the recital.

Students begin thinking of ideas for the composition in January when Orange Roots semester begins.

Let's Play Music logo

We talk about inspiration and what they, the student, gets excited about.  We talk about how music can tell a story, just like a book can, and how music follows patterns, just like books do.  We explore different sounds on the piano, e.g “What would it sound like if it was raining outside?” “What does an elephant walking sound like on the piano?”

In mid-February we are ready to begin putting notes down on the manuscript paper. Students (and parents) often feel apprehensive about beginning a composition. But, after meeting one-on-one with the teacher to begin their composition, they leave their lesson feeling excited about going home and adding to what they just wrote.

beginning composition

Students spend the next few weeks making changes and adding new ideas to their composition. Once again, there is a lesson, one-on-one with the teacher, at the end of March where students will put the finishing touches on their masterpiece.

final composition

Then they begin practicing for the recital.  Parents are often surprised that a student will need to practice something they wrote themselves.  Let’s Play Music students are often able to write and play music that is beyond their ability to read music, so practice is necessary.

The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music recitalLet's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian

The recital is truly a time of celebration! Each student has progressed at their own pace, but we celebrate where they are right now!

Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian

Parents are an integral part of the Let’s Play Music program.  This program is successful because of dedicated parents who come to class with their child and follow up with practice time at home.  Sometimes practicing is not fun and life gets in the way, but LPM parents are truly the best! Why? Because they have committed to helping their child through this wonderful program and have given them the gift of music. At the recital we always take time to honor the parents and their contribution to the child.

Let's Play Music at The MAC MeridianLet's Play Music at The MAC Meridian

Let’s Play Music graduates are ready to enter private lessons and be successful. They have been given the tools for a strong musical foundation and been taught successful practice techniques.  They have learned to intelligently listen to classical music and recognize classical form. Their ears, eyes, fingers, and voices have been trained to help them decipher and play difficult music passages.  But, most of all, they have learned that they can do hard things, and for this, we celebrate!

IMG_5094 Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian Let's Play Music at The MAC Meridian