Art Classes, Workshops, and Events

Thanks for visiting our art class listings page! Please note the skill level and age listings for each class.

Skill Level

Just for Fun–Just what it says, this class is just for fun! No experience required or needed.

Art Exploration–This class is meant to give the participants an art experience, but may or may not be based in learning a new skill. Learning still happens in this class, but giving the participant an exposure to art is the main focus. Beginners and non-beginners are welcome.

Skills Based–This class is designed to teach a new skill, introduce or gain more confidence in a new medium, or learn about an artist or a new style of art. Beginners who want to learn are welcome and encouraged! Non-beginners who want to increase skill and expand their knowledge will find value in this class.

Art Package

Some of our classes are attended through purchasing an art package, which is similar to a punch card. To attend these classes, please purchase an Art Package and make a reservation online. Art Packages may be shared among siblings in the same age group. Classes expire 12 months from purchase date. Art Package FAQs