Sound Beginnings Enrollment Instructions

Click HERE to be redirected to our teacher page on the Let’s Play Music website

  1. Once there, you will be prompted to choose the desired class time, log in, and be prompted to enter the enrollment code. Use enrollment code 394.
  2. You will then select the student you are enrolling or create a new student.
  3. The next step is to reserve class materials. Select a “Complete Set” for the first child and add individual items as needed for siblings. All materials will be shipped to the studio and distributed the first day of class.
  4. Complete materials set includes Student Workbook, CD, digital copy of CD, and class instrument. Add a Tote Bag for keeping everything together if you do not already have one. Enrolling siblings must be done on a separate transaction. For siblings, you may select any of the items, or none, if you wish. If you are registering a sibling over the age of 18 months, we highly advise purchasing an additional workbook and rhythm instrument for the younger child.