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Micah Gosney artist in the studio

Micah’s art career began when he was a toddler and learned how to hold a crayon.  He would stay up late and draw while the rest of the family went to bed-he always was and still is a night owl!  His creations at that young age consisted mainly of trains and cars-things that had wheels and could go fast.  Not much has changed.  He still loves to draw and paint cars and things with fast engines.

Micah Gosney artist

Fast forward to young Micah in the 6th grade.  Math was not his love, so he compensated by doodling in the margins of his homework-why not?  His teacher did not appreciate that, and wrote him a note stating that art will never get him anywhere and he should focus more on his math assignments.  That did not deter Micah as he continued his middle and high school careers-he took as many art classes as were available to him and started his own t-shirt line in high school that had a large local following.  In high school he registered his trademark character, Goose Brothers, and made that pretty famous in certain circles.

After Micah and Tina married, they decided Micah should pursue his art career and go to art school.  He had just been accepted to Art Center in Los Angeles, and Rhode Island School of Design when he was offered a job at Twentieth Century Fox Animation Studio.  Since this was the type of job he would be looking for after art school graduation, they decided to take the job.  At Fox, Micah met many people who greatly influenced his artistic skills and style-Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Len Simon, and most of all Richard Heichberger, who became a life-long friend of Micah’s.


After Fox Animation made its decision to begin doing digital animation instead of traditional, Micah continued his artistic pursuits in video game design, graphic design, and fine art.

His most recent endeavors are a new automotive art and design company he founded named Super Six 8 Studio.  Super Six 8 is devoted to everything automotive, especially hot rods, which are Micah’s first love.

Micah is the Art Director at The MAC Music and Art Center.

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  1. Marlene Deveraux
    Marlene Deveraux says:

    Just took a oil landscape painting class with Micah and he was wonderful ? I haven’t painted much and he taught me the techniques in starting my painting and made me feel relaxed. I loved his class.I finished my painting and now am feeling very comfortable painting on my own. I plan on taking more classes in January when he starts up again. Thank you Micah ?

    • Tina
      Tina says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback Marlene. I’m glad you enjoyed the class and feel confident on your own now. I would like to see the finished painting if you want to send me a picture.


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