Sound Beginnings FAQ

How is the curriculum calendar structured?
The curriculum is organized into 6 non-sequential semesters. Each semester includes 15 sessions over a 4-month period.

How long and how frequent are the classes?
Classes are 30 minutes, taught weekly.

What is the cost of tuition?
Tuition is $140/semester ($35/month) for the first child age 0-4, or for more than one child from the same family, the family rate is $180/semester ($45/month)

What materials do I get?
Each semester includes a Home Study CD, a student manual, and a surprise percussion instrument.

What is the cost for materials?
The cost for materials is $35 each semester.

How big are the classes?
Classes typically have 5-8 families, with 7-10 children.

Why are they group lessons?
It has been well documented that children in group settings learn and perform better. They are more comfortable and stimulated in this environment. They thrive on the synergy and playful interaction of the Sound Beginnings class.

What is the parent involvement?
Parent involvement in music training is crucial. The parent/caregiver attends with the child every week and reviews class activities at home.

Is there any vocal training?
Sound Beginnings adheres to the philosophy that the voice is the first musical instrument. Most of class time is spent singing. The voice is trained to sing in tune, to sing naturally and openly, to sing in harmony, and to sing accompanied. At ages 2-4, specific tone, placement or support instruction is not completely beneficial. Sound Beginnings is not a performing group.

Can I register for the 2nd or 3rd semester without having been through the 1st semester?
Yes. Sound Beginnings is non-sequential, meaning that students can begin and end with any semester. There are no pre-requisites.

How is Sound Beginnings different from other music classes?
Sound Beginnings is full of songs, games and activities that expose children to important musical and preschool concepts and skills. It incorporates the philosophies of Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze, adapted specifically for children ages 0-4. Classical music is introduced with “movement” that will forever endear children to this genre. There are numerous innovative, creative ideas for internalizing music, and ear training is emphasized from the start. Sound Beginnings is an excellent precursor to Let’s Play Music and Kindergarten.

Why should I enroll my child in Sound Beginnings?
Your child will LOVE it! You will love it because you will see him/her develop and demonstrate both musical and preschool skills. Your relationship with your child will grow as you enjoy class time and practice time together, in a playful, nurturing environment. Your outlook on playing with your child in a musical way will never be the same!

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