The MAC Meridian Featured on Idaho Living

The people at KBOI and Idaho Living are just great!  NO….they are better than great-they are spectacular!  Micah from The MAC Meridian loved every minute of filming with Ammie Truman and the camera crew and we were honored to be asked to demonstrate an easy Valentine’s Day painting.

Idaho Living

Micah and Ammie Truman on the set of Idaho Living, January 2016

Micah makes painting look so easy! Some painting is easy-like our Adult Paint Nights-pretty much anyone who is breathing and can hold a paint brush can complete an easy acrylic painting. One thing that’s great about these paint nights is that no 2 paintings turn out looking the same! Everyone has basically the same design, but puts their own spin or special touches on their painting.

Idaho Living

Micah Gosney and Ammie Truman on the set of Idaho Living, January 2016

Another great thing about Paint Night? It’s fun-and relaxing-and you can hang out with your friends doing something different than going to dinner and a movie.  And….you will have something to take home at the end of the night to remember the fun time you had.

Yet another great thing about Paint Night this February?  We are having a special for Valentine’s Day at a very special price-only $30 per painting! Not $30 per person! You can create a painting with a friend, or spouse, or whoever, and the price is just $30/painting! Did I forget to mention the dessert and chocolate bar?  This February 13, 6-9 pm, come to The MAC Meridian, snack on some sweet treats, and paint your heart out!

group of people holding paintings

We have had people coming back again and again because they had such a great time. What are you waiting for???

We love you Idaho Living!


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